Velo Orange Polyvalent

We lent the bike to Blakey, a local bike aficionado, friend and sometime customer.  Here’s a link to a flickr set he’s made to document his weekend with the bike.  You’ll notice we’ve stolen some of them for this post – he  takes a nice photo.  Blakey loved the bike and raved, in particular, about how it rides over rough ground.  Not surprising since the bikes that it’s inspired by were used by Parisian newspaper deliverers over rough cobbles.

PV cobble

It’s a great bike for taking medium-sized loads and is prefect for around town.  This is thanks to the frame geometry, which is optimized for carrying a load on the front, and running large-volume tyres, just like the old French bikes that inspired it. Blakey says it earned a lot of admiring looks, and it certainly looks right with something nice in the bidon cage.

This build came in at around $2500 and  is going to another of our favourite customers, but we’ll be building more. If you’re interested, drop by and have a talk – because the frame is so versatile, radically different builds are an option – it could be run as a single speed or with a gear hub.  I would really like to build one with drop bars and a small front rack that could be used for fast commuting and day trips in the country.



  1. nice bike, didnt know you guys did VO gear, have been looking for a bit on their website. Will have to come by and check it out.

  2. Nice build! I’m in the states, but I’m about to mount the exact same lights on the same bike, with the same rack! How did you mount the front? It looks like you’re using the standard Cyo mount, but inverted. There must be an additional piece though, I think? I suppose a picture would be worth a thousand words here 🙂

  3. I’d love to post a close-up picture but the bike is now out in the wild under one of our customers.

    We used a rack stay which we bolted between the eyelets and then used the slot in that to bolt a right-angle strip of stainless steel to. The inverted mount then attached to this.

    VO make a bracket which allows roughly the same mounting which you can see here:

    Ours is a bit better protected but also a lot more work.

  4. Nice, thanks for the feedback, sorry for my slow response. I couldn’t tell what was going on in the photo before but based on your description I now can. I love my new bike (much like this except with drop bars) and will be mounting my lights shortly.

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