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By Tristram |

The Berthoud products we’re most excited about at the moment are the saddles, bags and mud guards.

I’ve had two Aspin saddles on different bikes that are incredibly comfortable.  The leather is extremely thick and hasn’t developed any of the sag that some other leather saddles do, which leaves you sitting on the cantle plate.  There are a few options for shape, a few different finishes available for the leather, and there are titanium-railed models.

The mud guards are stainless steel, but still fairly light.  They are reported to be very durable, and the mounting hardware is very nicely made ad well-designed.  The stays are flattened where they wrap around the guard, so the contact area is significant and should help to make the guard stable.  They also don’t take up as much room as eye-bolt style attachments (on Honjos and Velo Orange guards), so if your feet are close to your front guard the extra little bit of room might be just enough to clear them.

The bags are extremely well-made traditional French touring bags made from canvas and leather.  They come in a huge range of sizes and shapes, with options for Klick-Fix and more traditional mounting.  We will eventually stock some of the mounting hardware too,  but becasue of the huge range of options, for the time being we will just special-order things for people as they need them.

Look here for the full catalogue and let us know what you’d like.  If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at the workshop.


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7 thoughts on “Gilles Berthoud

  1. My partner and I just ordered a set of fenders each from GB – they arrived really quickly and are going to be beautiful on the bikes we’re getting as well. The bags look great too!

    I wish we’d held off and ordered them through you guys, it might have saved us a bit of Google Translate-ing. Oh well!

  2. Katherine – we will be gettign handlebar bags. Let us know if there is a particular model you’re interested in and we can factor that into our order.

  3. Beautiful! Will you be getting in any grey handlebar bags? I’ll be in to have a gander…

  4. Prices for the saddle, tape and front handle bar saddle would be great.

  5. The saddles range from about $165 to $285. Bar tape is $80 and handlebar bag range from $100 to $300. Are there particular models you are interested in?

  6. Hi and happy new year,Huw and the CC team.

    How’s the GB ETA looking?


  7. Thanks Ian. Hope you had a good one too. The GB shipment arrived just as we were closing up at Christmas – we’ll open it up the first week back (Mon 9th) and give you a call. Cheers, Huw

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