Velo Orange

By Huw |

Most of the VO products are versions of old French designs that haven’t been available for years, which they modernize and get made in Taiwan. They are reliably nicely finished, tend to be silver and embody a real understanding of the uses to which they will be put. They also make little parts for really specific purposes that provide elegant solutions or neat ways of mounting things like mudguards, racks and bells. For instance, they make nice little spacers that sit in your headset to mount a bell, and fork crown darumas to mount mud guards under the fork crown when there’s a brake bolt. They also make French headsets and bottom brackets, which have traditionally been the big stumbling blocks for people reconditioning old French bikes.

At any given time we have a good range of VO bells, handlebars, stems, bottom brackets, mud guards, water bottle cages and headsets in stock. We also have bits and pieces of the rest of their range, and we regularly order more, so if there’s something you want we can get it in for you pretty quickly.

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