White Industries hubs

White Industries Hubs

By Tristram |

For starters White Industries hubs are really light without being flimsy.  Their road cassette hub, the H3 is 252 grams without resorting to an aluminum freehub.  It has a titanium freehub which means that the cogs on your cassette are much less likely to dig into the splines than they are on a lot of other lightweight hubs.  It also has a steel axle which is stiff and strong and large bearings that can take a bit more abuse than smaller bearings would.

H3 Rear Hub with Archetype rim - nice match in finish.

The hubs are well sealed, with good cartridge bearings (so you will never have any problems replacing your bearings when they eventually do wear) and have a reliable modern freehub with chunky pawls which doesn’t seem prone to seizing up as some freehubs are.

They are beautifully finished, and the silver hubs in particular have enough of a classic aesthetic that they look really good on vintage bikes.  The finish is a great match for some of our favourite H+Son rims and for Schmidt SON dynamo hubs – which, together, would make an extremely nice randonneuring/audax wheelset.

They are available in a wide range of drillings – the H3 has variations from 20 hole to 36 hole so you can build up some pretty minimal race wheels with them, or some extremely solid light touring wheels.
White Industries ENO eccentric to 650B
They also offer a large range of different hubs with good mountain bike and tandem options, disc and non-disc, single speed options and the famous ENO hub that has an eccentric axle and allows you to tension your chain on bikes with vertical dropouts.

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