Winter is here.

By Tristram |


As Autumn advances we take our fingerless gloves off the display and replace them with long fingered gloves to keep you warm on the morning commute.  We also stock up on brighter lights and full coverage mud guards.  The guards won’t keep you dry in a downpour but with Melbourne’s changeable weather they are great because they let you ride just after some rain without getting a wet slick up your back.  We also carry beanies that fit under your helmet, ear warmers and cycling caps.

The biggest change since last winter is that we are stocking different jackets.  WE now have a full compliment of  Specialized Deflect Hybrid jackets in high-vis yellow and Fitzroy safety black.  They are great jackets – light and breathable but also shower-proof and they really help take the sting out of the wind.

They have a good range of pockets, including one at the back so your stuff won’t fall out while you ride.

The sleeves zip off so you can use them as a vest.

And finally, they very sensibly have reflective piping on them.

2 thoughts on “Winter is here.

  1. With apologies to ABBA!

  2. I love cycling in autumn and winter, even if it is a bit breezy. I’ve gotta get myself some earwarmers. I commute in Sydney, so probably not as cold as Melbourne but I still feel it at 7am.

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