All road tyres for the Summer of Gravel

There’s a recent buzz around Gravel rides and riding road bikes on gravel. This has lead to a plethora of tyres becoming available to fit this new niche in the market. We have been stocking an ever increasing range of these gravel suitable tyres and thought it was time we gave a little wrap up of what’s available .

Panaracer Gravel King 32mm

Thin with a file tread these tyres are lightning fast on gravel and excellent choice for well groomed back roads. However we know a few people who have taken them way beyond there intended habitat with great sucess. Measures 32mm wide on a 24mm rim.

Panaracer Gravel King
Panaracer Gravel King

Soma Cazadero 42mm

This might well be our favorite, the boss man initially put them on the Wolverine to see how they would go tubeless and as a weekend tyre. We are yet to see him take them off and they are handling the rigours of commuting very well. The continuous centre tread helps them to roll fast on the tarmac. Measures 42mm wide on 24mm rim.DSC02065

Bruce Gordon Rock and Road 43mm

A pioneer in mountain biking, Bruce Gordon designed this for the 29er bike well before it’s time. Measures 44mm wide on a 24mm rim. Great for when the blacktop ends and the fun begins! Also available in 650B.

Rock and road

Clement xplor MSO 40mm

A great all rounder, these have seen a good amount of use on staff bikes and we have recently discovered they seal up tubeless very well. Measures 38c on a 24mm rim

Clement X'Plor MSO 40c
Clement X’Plor MSO 40c

Clement Xplor USH 35mm

One for the rail trail riders. This tyre excels on hard packed dirt yet still gives enough bite to tackle more challenging terrain. Measures 34mm on 24mm rim.


Clement xplor MSO 32mm

Dry condition CX tyre or fast rolling gravel tyre, you decide! Same tread pattern as the MSO 40c. Measures 32mm on a 24mm rim.

Surly Knard 41mm

This is available in both wire and kevlar bead. Measures 41mm on a 23mm rim.


WTB nano 40 mm

Big tread design based on their popular mountain bike tyre. The continuos centre tread helps to keep your momentum whilst the aggressive side knobs take care of getting RAD. Measures 41c on a 24mm rim.

WTB Nano 700x40c
WTB Nano 700x40c

Panaracer Pasela PT 35mm

If you ride your bike around town all week then get out in the hills on the weekend these tyres are a great all rounder. The kevlar beads and PT tour guard make these a great tyre for commuting, touring and gravel grinding alike.

Pasela PT 35c
Pasela PT 35c
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