Kona joins the Commuter Cycles range

We’re excited to announce that we’re adding Kona to our stable of bikes at Commuter Cycles. We’ve been following them closely for the last few years as more and more of their bikes have been released in high grade steel, with allowances for generous tyre sizes – two qualities that we look for in a bike. Both go a long way to making a bike fun, comfortable, and durable.

Founded in the Pacific Northwest of America, Kona started in the Mountain Bike boom in the late 1980s with a range of steel hardtails developed with the legendary Joe Breeze. Still owned by founders Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron, Kona is staffed by keen, impassioned cyclists who have developed a range of bikes spanning the gamut of cycling but with an eye to maximising the fun factor.

Our first drop is of Sutra’s and Rove’s – two model lines that blur the lines of road/off-road, and tool/toy. The Sutra series are real workhorses, designed for taking loads in comfort whether that is from Coburg to the City, or a lap around Tasmania. The Rove series is a consummate allrounder, handling anything from a fast commute to bikepacking weekends away on dirt and gravel roads. While on the face of it both are very similar, the subtle difference between them can be summed up in what they do best. The Rove is ideally suited to big days of mixed terrain, where the Sutra is better suited to multiple days of mixed terrain. While the Rove would outrun the Sutra, the Sutra more easily out do the Rove with its carrying capacity.

One of the really cool things about Kona is that we’ll now have access to bikes that extend well beyond our day-to-day focus of getting from A to B. In the last year, two of our mechanics have filled gaps in their own personal stables with rad Kona mountain bikes. Jed was looking for a tough steel hardtail and settled on an Explosif 650b hardtail. The progressive geometry of the Explosif makes it perfect for the the type of trails that would scare off an xc hardtail, while still being suitable for our Wednesday Night Ride along the Yarra Trails or a spot of bikepacking. Luke recently bought a Process 111 to replace his 8yo Santa Cruz Nomad. While much shorter travel than the Nomad, the Process platform is long, low and slack making for a bike that is posting faster times on the all mountain trails in the high country than the old Santa Cruz ever did. One of the most telling aspects of both of these bikes is that Jed and Luke have changed virtually nothing from the original spec. These guys are both mechanics who agonise over the suitability and quality of each component and both have been really impressed by the spec on their new bikes. Kudos Kona!

AS they are released, we’ll expand our range of Kona bikes that we keep in stock. Top of the list are the Unit X, Explosif, Paddy Wagon, Tonk and Coco. Get in touch to let us know which other models you’d like to see.



Rove LTD

Check out the details of the Kona Rove LTD here.


Check out the details of the Kona Sutra here.

Sutra LTD

Check out the details of the Kona Sutra LTD here.


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