A Beginners Guide to the Hunt 1000


Fancy doing a 1000km unsupported bikepacking route through some of Australia’s most rugged and beautiful high country?

For our 7th Slide Night, Huw shared his experience of preparing for, and riding the 2017 Hunt 1000 event in the hope of inspiring more people to take the plunge and give it a go in 2018.

A PDF presentation of the night, which has a lot of detailed information for potential riders is available for download here:

Download the Beginners guide to the Hunt 1000 presentation PDF (8MB)

Here’s a snippet of the presentation

The long story

The 2014 Tour Divide was my introduction to the concept of a bikepacking event. I watched on in awe, green with envy. With a small business and young family, it felt so far beyond my reach on so many levels that I put it on a list of things I’d love to do, but years down the track.

In 2015, another couple of mates rode the Tour Aotearoa. At two weeks, and only a short flight away, it felt more doable, but still too much of a stretch at this point in my life.

Then, in 2016 Dan Hunt created the Hunt 1000 – an offroad route from Canberra to Melbourne following the Great Dividing Range through some of Australia’s most spectacular and remote alpine country. At one week, and one short flight away, a proper bikepacking event was finally within my grasp (on paper at least!).

I knew many people who rode the inaugural Hunt 1000, and they all said much the same thing to me when they finished – “Amazing. Do it!” The seed was sown. A year later I was flying to Canberra…..

These photos capture a fraction of the amazing country we rode through, and a little of the hardship. It was the certainly the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life – I often wondered how I would finish it, but I never questioned why I was doing it. Come along to get more of a taste of what you’re in for.

Download the Beginners guide to the Hunt 1000 presentation PDF (8MB)


  1. Ivars Reinfelds

    Hey Huw,
    Great write-up and pics! I’m keen to give it another shot this year. I see I made it into one of your pics at the Valentine River crossing on Day 2 (just before your Valentine Hut pic). John M is crossing the river and I’m on the bank in the green helmet and blue shirt. Great advice and great info. Re training advice for peeps, the more hill climbing you can do the better (ride up n down the biggest hills in your patch several times a week), though its as much of a mental challenge as a physical challenge.

  2. This is great, thanks so much for sharing Huw!

  3. This looks amazing and just got added to my bucket list! I’m interested to know approximately how many hours a day did you ride? And did you do any night riding?

  4. Awesome presentation, very informative, thanks for sharing!

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