The Dirty Rat 2022

By Will Hartnett | | Tagged: bikepacking

We’ll be closing for Football finals weekend (September 23rd to 25th) and heading west out of Ararat into the Gariwerd for 3 days of backroads and chunky firetrails. I’ve prevoiusly run this event most years since 2012 as a pretty low key word of mouth ride, it’s taken different formats over the years but have now landed on one I’m really happy with. This year we are opening it up to a wider audience so if you would like to come please fill out the form below and we will do our best to accomodate you. The ride will be limited 40 people so will be drawing from a ballot with preference given to existing customers.

A detailed description of what to expect riding in the Grampians can be found here. This will not be the exact route we will be riding but helps gives a sense of what to expect. For those who get confirmation of event entry we will give you a more detailled email of what expect and what to bring. Day one will be a 55km ride with one signifigant climb. Day two will be one of 3 routes ranging from 60-130km returning to camp. Day three will be heading back much the way we came.

Approach to the Victoria Range
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