Where did you grow up?
Boorloo (Perth), Whadjuk Nyoongar country, Western Australia

What do you do at Commuter?
My job is called “front of house mechanic” so I do a lot of answering technical questions, picking up extra workshop jobs, specing custom builds or whatever else needs doing. I’m not allowed to do the Cheaper Buy Miles run.

What did you do for work before Commuter Cycles?
I worked (and still do) at a live music venue in Fitzroy.

What got you into riding?
As a kid I used to tag along with my best buddy to BMX races and ride his spare bike on the practice laps. As an adult I needed to get home from a party at 2am one time. There was an abandoned 20″ purple Bratz™ cruiser my buddy offered to me. I rode it home and it became my main form of transport.

What was the first bike you bought with your own money?
A 3G 24″ Beach cruiser with a 2 speed kickback coaster hub and 3″ whitewall tyres. I slammed the seat and put the handlebars upside down so it looked like a motorbike.

Tell us a little about your current bikes?
I have a purple All-City Nature Boy single speed CX bike which I adore. Then an All-City Gorilla Monsoon in orange with all the purple bits I could find to put on it. I wear so much black it’s nice to ride colourful bikes.

Favourite riding and non-riding food?
Iced coffee, stroopwafel, ricotta cannoli. Off the bike, japanese curry. My body is a temple.

Best day on a bike?
When you don’t pack lights because you’re just meeting your mates to make coffee in the morning. Then you end up racing the sunset because you accidentally spent all day out on bikes rolling all over town.

Favourite route/riding accessible to Melbourne?
Train to Geelong, rail trail to Queenscliff, swim, pie, iced coffee, gravel roads to St Leonard’s, parma, swim, bike path to Portarlington, gelati, ferry to docklands, do a quiz and nap on the ferry.

What do you do when you’re not at Commuter (other than ride bikes!)?
Writing music and playing with my band. I DJ a bit too.

What is the kindest thing that anyone has ever done for you?
My house got broken into in 2008 or something and I lost a whole mess of instruments. A bunch of people I only knew from an internet forum all chipped in to help me buy a new guitar. It’s still my main guitar today.

Anything we missed?
I am not as grumpy as I seem. But also kind of.

Ask me about
Single speed, rim brakes, matching your cable housing to your frame decals, iced coffee.

What is your favourite type of cheeese?
Buffalo Mozzarella

You’re in control of the music in the workshop. What do you put on?
If there’s no Huw or Kia in then it’s punk rock time. Friday afternoons are for Cobra Man.

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