What to bring on an overnight bike trip

Here at Commuter Cycles, we love adventure! Some of our happiest interactions are those where we are helping customers to get kitted out for their first multi-day trips. We have prepared a handy pack list for your first overnighter. Feel free to use this as a base, and customise to it as you wish. It’s your ride! 

Happy trails! 

Fix your bike 

Fix yourself 

  • Med kit incl medications 
  • For longer and more remote trips, I include water treatment tablets and medication for tummy troubles (surprisingly common on bike trips!)


  • Beanie 
  • Buff
  • Gloves 
  • Camp shoes 
  • Underwear 
  • Dry socks (very important if you’re expecting water crossings) 
  • Whatever you like to wear riding 

Feed yourself 

  • Bottle opener! 
  • Water (this is really dependent on where you’re going and at what time of year, I usually have at least 2.5L capacity on me). 
  • Cutlery and crockery, and a cup
  • Stove and pot 
  • Gas for cooking
  • Flint stick or lighter 
  • A rag or sponge for cleaning 
  • Zip loc bag for either rubbish or storage of leftovers 
  • Whatever you like to eat and drink
  • I like to pack small containers of salt, pepper, sugar and chilli. Old film canisters can be useful for this. 


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste 
  • Menstrual products 
  • Wet wipes 
  • Sun screen 
  • Insect repellent 


  • Headphones 
  • Cache battery and cables (phone, watch, lights) 
  • Navigation and back up nav (phone and etrex/wahoo) 


For longer trips, I like to pack something else for entertainment, such as a small notebook, a better camera than what’s on my phone, a book to read, and paper maps to peruse at camp. These can be especially useful if you’re trying to conserve precious battery capacity on your phone and cache battery. A little star-gazing, sitting around a fire and chats with friends are excellent battery savers! 


Finn: Opinel knife, handy for cooking and can be useful camp entertainment. Whittle a spoon! 

Pete: A spork. And bring a mug even if you’re not bringing your own drinks (people may surprise you with hot chocolate)

Kiki B: Two stem bags for bulk snacks. Prepare your snacks into bite-sized chunks in advance, so you can snack without stopping. 

Liam: Get a Helinox, so you’re not the only one sitting on your bum by the fire.

Simon: Kerosene firestarters for those rainy days when you just need your fire going ASAP. 

Kia M: Bivvy! Nothing beats watching the stars from bed. 


  1. SPD mtb pedals make a perfect bottle opener.. one less thing to carry

  2. Is that last picture on French Island? I did a hike back in 2004 there and have photos of what looks to be exactly that tower. I was actually thinking of doing an overnighter there funnily enough.

  3. Commuter Cycles

    Hi Paul,

    Quite right, that tower is on the Pinnacles on French Island. Great spot for an overnighter, don’t forget the bug repelent!

    Happy trails! Pete.

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