Our Staff’s Favourite Camping Gear!

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Hey happy campers, Pepper here! I thought it would be a fun blog post to ask all of our staff members here at Commuter Cycles what their favourite bit of camping gear is to take on all their adventures!

Mik: Mik is our computer and website Guru and when I asked him what his favourite thing to camp with is he said Aeropress! A great answer. Nothing’s better than a steamy coffee while listening to the birds at your campsite!

Todd: I was very flattered when I asked Todd what his favourite piece was and he said the Opinel camp knife that I gifted him for his birthday. These knives have a beautiful wooden handle and a locking blade which is very sharp. We carry several different Opinel knives at Commuter now, and they’re all $30 or under!

Pepper: My favourite thing to bring camping is something I have newly purchased and learned to use as part of a goal for the new year…a ukulele! Ukulele’s are small and lightweight, and best of all they’re very easy to learn to play! I’ve been practicing off Youtube videos and can play a handful of fun camp songs.

Huw: The Soto Windmaster stove is Huw’s favourite camping item at the moment. It’s lightweight and easy to use so Huw takes it even when he goes car camping as it’s great for making hot beverages! These stoves are also available at Commuter.

Leigh: Our resident birdwatching master Leigh said his favourite thing to take on a bike camping trip are his trusty compact binoculars. I happened to be on a trip with Leigh when we spotted a platypus diving into a stream. We were high up above on a bridge and Leigh whipped out his binoculars for a better look. He passed them around and you could really spot some cool things!

Jed: When asked what his favourite camping piece is, Jed said his Vaude Poncho. Ponchos are also great when camping because they can double as a ground sheet, and they pack into a small pouch. Ponchos are good for both for riding and hiking as well. They offer maximum weather coverage, and have specialty straps inside that are cycling specific to keep your hands covered. Ponchos are easy to pull on over all your clothes when you have to jump out of your tent in the middle of the night for a pee. The humble poncho is all in all a great multipurpose camping item.

Alex: Our mechanic Alex recently upgraded his sleeping mat to a comfier warmer version from the Sea to Summit line. He chose the Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated Sleeping Mat which packs down pretty small still but is nice and warm compared to the lighter non-insulated version.

Will: Our adventure organising, route master 3000 Will loves to take his 8-inch skillet. He’s had it for years and loves to use it to make crepes and to fry halloumi.

Val: Val is super into his Jaffle Iron which can be used to feed hoards of hungry campers or to fend off Drop Bears in the night.


Come by the shop soon to check out some of the above bits of gear or to tell us what your favourite item is (sorry, we do not carry any ponchos or ukuleles for sale currently, but most of the other items are available in store!). Also don’t forget that at the end of this month on the Solstice, June 23rd, we’ll have a great opportunity for you to put your gear to the test at the Swift Industries Solstice Campout! Hope to see you there.

See you on the trails!


2 thoughts on “Our Staff’s Favourite Camping Gear!

  1. Wow, that poncho/bike cape may be a better choice than the similarly priced Cleverhood Cleverlite! The model is the Covero II btw, and they available outside of Europe and Oceania from international eBay sellers.

  2. Yayyy, poncho lovers unite!

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