Time To #GetOnThe… BIKES!!!

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Wow, Two Thousand and Twenty hey? What an absolute stitch-up of a year. We’d like to start by saying THANKYOU SO MUCH to all of you. The novelty of working hard behind closed doors has definitely worn off but we’re so grateful to have had enough support from you all during this time to maintain our team and to keep doing what we do. Apart from being stuck in the shop with each other it’s been pretty low stress for us here at Commuter and we have you all to thank.

Like all of you we’ve been keenly waiting for Uncle Dan to give us the okay to start working toward some normality and the good news is the first day of this at Commuter is Wednesday the 28th of October.

Now, as much as we’d love to just throw the doors open and welcome everyone inside we’re going to take it a little more cautiously, at least at the beginning. From a workshop point of view, we’re now allowed to do routine services and repairs. If you’ve been holding off getting your bike sorted, get in touch and we’ll be taking bookings as usual and all assessments and quoting will be done remotely for a little while.

We’ll be reinstating our little Stage 3 front counter initially and there’ll be an opt-in system for coming inside for a wander. Know what you’re after? One of our fabulous (that’s right, fabulous) team will grab it for you while you chill in our renovated courtyard. Want to try helmets or look at our range of bar tape? Then yeah, come inside for a look around. We’ll be grabbing names and numbers of those that do come inside just in case Covid contact tracing people need to get in touch with anyone, as unlikely as that seems now.

We’ll be taking bookings for test rides again starting immediately. A little bit of patience might be required the first few weeks as we know a LOT of you have been really looking forward to riding some bikes. All bikes on the website once again have a test ride request form you can fill out and you’re welcome to just give us a call.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you all into our space again. We’ve made a lot of changes, we’ve got some cool new humans and some equally cool new bikes and gear in the house we’re sure you’ll love. See you soon.

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