Snork-Packing : The Official Guide

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Folks, here it is! The post that you didn’t know you needed: it’s the Commuter Cycles official guide to snorkpacking. What’s snorkpacking, you ask? It’s bikepacking, but where you pack a snorkel and make a beeline for your favourite underwater wonderland. Recently our very own Kias (@pollen_pal and @kia_is_asian) took a weekend trip down to the Mornington Peninsula, in search of some sea critters. Here’s how it went. The sun was high and so were our spirits as we set off on a Sunday morning for the inaugural Commuter snorkpacking trip. Our hopes were soon dashed by rail replacement buses, and once past Frankston, we were starting to feel both a little hot and little worried about making it to the coast in time for an afternoon snorkel. Jumping on the Stony Point train to gain a little ground, we had the bright idea to check whether there was a…

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A Beginners Guide to the Hunt 1000

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Fancy doing a 1000km unsupported bikepacking route through some of Australia’s most rugged and beautiful high country? Click through and download the “Beginners guide to the Hunt 1000” PDF that Huw put together, which shared his experience of preparing for, and riding the 2017 Hunt 1000 event in the hope of inspiring more people to take the plunge and give it a go in 2018.

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Bikepacking the Blackwood Forest: Commuter Campout 2.0

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Our friend and talented wordsmith Pepper Cook has dropped a few musings about our latest installment of Commuter campout:   Single Track. Whiskey. Leaping Frogs. Prairie Breakers. Large bearded men and one lady in flannos riding bikes adorned with front baskets, complete with decorative foliage. These are just a few items to be found in the wild on any given Commuter Cycles Campout. said decorative foliage, it was an accident…really! I was one of the lucky attendees to the three day Commuter Campout 2.0 a couple of weekends ago  and I’m here to tell you about the rowdy time we had. This particular campout was arranged and planned meticulously by the legendary Will Hartnett of Commuter Cycles. Will used to be a tour guide so he’s pretty knowledgeable when it comes to route planning and whiskey rationing. He also has a good grip on bike mechanics which happened to come…

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