Snork-Packing : The Official Guide

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Folks, here it is! The post that you didn’t know you needed: it’s the Commuter Cycles official guide to snorkpacking. What’s snorkpacking, you ask? It’s bikepacking, but where you pack a snorkel and make a beeline for your favourite underwater wonderland. Recently our very own Kias (@pollen_pal and @kia_is_asian) took a weekend trip down to the Mornington Peninsula, in search of some sea critters. Here’s how it went. The sun was high and so were our spirits as we set off on a Sunday morning for the inaugural Commuter snorkpacking trip. Our hopes were soon dashed by rail replacement buses, and once past Frankston, we were starting to feel both a little hot and little worried about making it to the coast in time for an afternoon snorkel. Jumping on the Stony Point train to gain a little ground, we had the bright idea to check whether there was a…

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Sally’s Soma Wolverine

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Sally's Soma Wolverine

We already knew that the Soma Wolverine was a versatile bike — it can take any gearing, chain or belt drive, wide 700c tyres with fenders and almost any combination of racks and bags — but in this build we discovered it can be set up as a more rugged off–road tourer visually reminiscent of early mountain bikes. We squeezed in 2.1″ tyres on 650b rims, fit the brand new through–axle fork, set it up with a swept flat bar and added a bit of character with pink anodised hubs, seat clamp and headset.

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Staff Bikes

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  Huw In some ways the center of Huw’s fleet is his Pivot Mach 4. It’s a serious dual-suspension cross country bike. It was built up from scratch with a load of nice parts. When it comes to his own mountain bike Huw is a bit of a weight weenie. While he was building this one up he could have told you which parts saved weight compared to the ones on his last bike, and how much, to the gram. From another perspective though, it’s his Batavus that is the central bike in his fleet. It’s the one he rides the most since he commutes on it and it gets pressed into service for a wide range of extra-curricular activities – cyclocross, Gravel Grinders, a Woods Point ride. At the moment it’s set up single-speed with a Porteur rack. This is not so that it’s a low-maintenance commuter though, he…

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