General Servicing

The workshop is the heart of Commuter Cycles. We love fixing bikes, and have developed a process of our own that doesn’t rely on standardised service packages.

Our process

Each service is tailored to the bike and its condition, so please allow ten minutes when you drop your bike off for us to assess the state of your bike and determine what needs to get it running well.

We also factor in your budget and riding requirements so that we can offer appropriate advice, and select parts and accessories accordingly.


We don’t have fixed prices as the same set of tasks performed on two different bikes can take significantly different amounts of time. Instead, we give you an estimate of how much the service will be based on the labour and parts required for your bike.

Courtesy bikes

We have a small fleet of basic bikes that we lend out during same-day services to keep you on the road. Make sure to book ahead if you’d like one.