General Servicing

The workshop is the heart of Commuter Cycles. We love fixing bikes, and have developed a process of our own that doesn’t rely on standardised service packages.

Our Process

Our process differs from most bike shops from the very beginning. The decision of what work to do on a bike is easily as important as how well the work is then done. We have the luxury of a full complement of good mechanics on staff and as a result we like to assess each bike as it comes while you, the owner, are present. The advantage of this is that decisions of what work to do can be made in consultation with you, thereby taking into account how you use it, how you maintain it, whether you plan to replace it in the near future, and what your budget is at the time. For example, we are likely to suggest overhauling the bearings in the wheels on a bike that sees regular use, but not one that is about to be replaced. We are always happy to explain, with as little jargon as possible, why your bike needs the work we are recommending and what is likely to happen if it isn’t done. If your budget is tight, we can help prioritise different servicing and repairs to keep it running safely until you can afford to get it running properly.

Most of what is likely to need servicing or repair will become obvious during a 5-10 minute assessment, especially if you let us know of any symptoms you’ve noticed, and after that assessment we are able to give you a reasonably accurate estimate of cost. We are also happy to suggest or discuss any modifications or accessories that may suit as it is often advantageous to have these fitted while the bike is having other work done. For example, fitting new handlebar tape while replacing brake cables is much more efficient, hence cheaper, than doing both jobs independently.

With such an individualised process we don’t require standardised service packages or standardised pricing. You will pay for the parts and labour that your bike needs, not an arbitrary amount from a list. The reason being, the same set of tasks performed on two different bikes can take significantly different amounts of time. Unlike most bike shops, we are all equipped with the knowledge and expertise to recognise these differences, and will quote accordingly. An example would be the replacement of a bottom bracket (the bearings that the cranks spin on). Replacing a bottom bracket in a modern bike that is in good condition is likely to take 15 minutes, however one that has been sitting in place and under attack from the elements for 10+ years is likely to require special tools and at least double that amount of time. There may also be some overlap with other parts of the job, such as when a drivetrain (the chain and cogs) is being replaced and the cranks are being removed already.

Once in the stand, the minimum work a bike will see is a thorough check over, wheels out to check bearings and true, adjustment of gears and brakes, chain lubed, tyres pumped and a bit of a clean. The only exceptions are when we have been asked to perform a single isolated task, such as replacing a handlebar, or repairing a puncture.

Occasionally, we miss something during check-in or a further problem rears its head during the course of the service. If something is likely to cost more than $20 over the estimate given, we will contact you and discuss before proceeding. We pride ourselves on being very thorough and will never ignore a problem just to keep the total cost down. After the job is complete we will send a text message to let you know and when you arrive to collect the bike we will give you a run through of the work done and how it went.

Warranty on services

We have no formal warranty on services, however we are always happy to remedy any issues that appear after a service. There are some parts that, when replaced may take a short period of time to settle in. An example would be gear cables, which can, despite our best efforts, stretch a little and the outer casing which may bed into the end caps. This may result in a small degradation in shifting, which we can easily fix on the spot (without charge) if you bring it back in. Another common thing that we find is the rider discovering a “new” noise after a service. We’ve often eliminated so many other noises that the one remaining is now harder to ignore. In most cases it is simple to remedy (e.g. it might require re-greasing the interface between the seat post and the frame or the pedals and the cranks). Regardless, if your bike is not running as we’d told you it would we are always happy to take another look at it.

Courtesy bikes

We have a small fleet of basic bikes that we lend out to keep you on the road. Because of the high turnover, we reserve these for same day services which are booked in advance. There is no extra cost but please make sure to book ahead and let us know if you’d like one.


While we don’t have fixed prices, it is possible to ballpark labour costs to give an indication of what you might be up for.

Flat tyre (excluding parts*)


Tune Up


Regular Service $150-300

Major Service


Bike build or Restoration

Labour$100 per hour
Wheel Build Labour Charge$125+

*Typically the only parts you’ll need is a new tube. Tubes range from $10-$16 depending on size, quality and valve. Occasionally you will also need a new tyre ($40+, typically $60 for a good puncture-resistant model), or a rim tape ($6) as well.

Service Intervals

Everyone is different but this is a guide for regularly used (4+days/week or 50+km/week) bikes. While you might be able to get away with seeing us only every 2 years, having your bike with us every 6 months, regardless of how well it is running, ensures you get the maximum life out of it and each of its components and means we should catch any safety issues before they occur. We are often even able to suggest simple ways you could alter your own usage and maintenance to improve it further.

Tune Up 6 months
Regular Service 12 months
Major Service

2-3 years

Internal Hub gear service

12-18 months

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