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The 2017 Hunt 1000 will depart Sunday the 26th Nov @ 6am - Stay tuned for details.......Want to join? email your details and photo to

The Information below is from the 2016 ride however, 2017 will be very similar 

For a detailed write up on the route check out the piece I put together for 


Hunt Bikes Snowy Mountains 1000


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Canberra to Melbourne, ~1000km, self supported, mostly off road, through the Australian Alps

REGISTER for MAProgress and Hire a tracker HERE.......

Keep an eye on updates at the bottom of the page 

Click the Map Below for Event Live tracking 

Its going to be tough, but the aim of the game is to have a good time! This bikepacking event will take you through some of Australia's most beautiful high country and will reward those who come prepared. 

A rough draft of the course is outlined on the map above. In the coming months the course will be tested, updated and refined to provide the best combination of challenging terrain, adventure, enjoyable trails and resources along the way. 

This is a self supported event. In short, no outside assistance is to be used that isn't available to others. Things you can source along the way, such as a meal and bed at a pub are fine, but something such as pre organised food drops are not. There will be sections of the ride where you may have to carry two or three full days worth of food so you'll need to be prepared!! 

Riding through the high country you will also need to be prepared for bad weather. 

The grand depart will be on Sunday 27th Nov 2016 with the aim of everyone meeting in Melbourne Sat night the 3rd Dec. If you want to leave earlier or later then go for it but plan your ride so we can all meet again in Melb Sat night for a celebratory dinner and Beer.

This is not intended to be a three hours of sleep per night,  kill yourself, race to the finish line. It is however intended to be an enjoyable challenge against yourself. If you think you'll need more time to maintain a comfortable pace then set off several days earlier. If you absolutely want to try and ride 300km/day then thats totally up to you but ride smart and be prepared 

One condition of taking part in the event will be that you carry a Spot Tracker. This is for your own safety! No tracker no ride. Trackers can be purchased or hired....Details HERE

Stay tuned for more details to come and if you haven't already then sign up to the email list below 

To register for the ride, please send your rider profile details and a photo (same as the other riders) to:


Dan Hunt 


update 22/11/2016

Hopefully your getting as excited as I am for this pedal!   
This email is just to those who've expressed their interest or intent to ride the Hunt Bikes Snowy 1000 in a little under a week. If you have friends who intend to ride but are yet to express their intent then please ask them to email
Below are a few key points to ensure you tick off prior to the ride:
  • If you haven't already, submit your rider profile details to be added to the rider profile page. Email
  • Hire a SPOT tracker and register for the MAProgress event page. Details HERE
  • Test out all your kit prior to the ride! There's no bike or camping shops out there 
  • Make sure you have a GPS and make sure you know how to use it
  • Download the route segments to your GPS device. The .gpx files can be downloaded via the Strava pages or directly from a Dropbox link. Go to the Maps page HERE
  • Don't forget something to purify water. You will need to drink from streams along the way  
IMPORTANT Update your Day 01 GPX file: The route for Day 01 has been changed slightly. Make sure you go to the Maps Page and update the new .GPX file 

Pre ride brief/dinner: For anyone in town on Sat night, head to Debarcle on Lonsdale Street in Braddon at 6:30pm for a pre ride brief and some pizza.  
Grand Depart: The grand depart will also be from Lonsdale Street (near the roundabout) at Sweet Bones Cafe. Meet at 5:45am for a 6:00am depart. Pack your own breakfast, the cafes will be closed at this hour.  

Post Ride Dinner/Beers:  Sat 3rd Dec, 7:30pm till late @ Joe's Shoe Store (Bar) 233 High Street Northcote  

Pre & Post ride accommodation: If anyone has space for riders to sleep the night before the ride then send me an email. Same goes if your looking for a place to sleep. Jackson Willows has kindly offered to have a few people at his place (10 min pedal from the city) the night prior to the ride.
Entry forms: All riders are required to sign the entry form/waiver prior to riding the route. Please return your form via email or in person at the start of the ride. In short the form is a waiver stating that you accept you are riding the route at your own risk and I can't be held liable for any loss, injury or death incurred as a result of the the ride. Download form HERE 

Safety on the trail: Each rider must carry a SPOT tracker for safety however, although the SPOT tracker provides a means of alerting the emergency services, be aware that help could take a long time to arrive. With this in mind, ride safe out there and your encouraged to ride with others. Other riders will be your most reliable safety line. Also note that there will be no mobile phone reception for a large percentage of the ride.  

Some notes for the first few days:
    • Day 1: If you feel like you've got some extra km's in your legs at the end of the day then you could push on an extra 35km and pull up camp at Three mile Dam. This camp spot has drop toilets, nice camping and water from the dam (water should be treated before drinking) 

    • Day 2: Again if your feeling energetic by the end of the day two route at Valentines Hut then consider pushing on another 50km to the Geehi Camp Ground. This will shorten the next day to Omeo. Theres about 800m climbing to Geehi camp but a lot of down hill. It will take about 3hrs. If your cold, wet and tired then stay the night at Valentines Hut and get the pot belly going. 

    • Day 3: Book yourself into the Omeo Hilltop Hotel and grab a well earned hot meal and a shower

If you have any other questions then email them through as soon as possible 
Dan Hunt


Update 12/11/2016
Grand depart will meet, for a 6am depart, at Sweet Bones Cafe 8/18 Lonsdale Street Braddon on Sunday the 27th Nov 
Post ride Pizza and Beers will be at Joe's Shoe Store (Bar) 233 High Street in Northcote. 7.30pm till late  
GPX files now available to download directly from the Maps Page. Also still available via the Strava links (click on maps)